5 Proven Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

You may have poured your heart and soul to create a smashing blog. But if nobody sees it, then all your efforts are for naught! The reality is that building blog traffic is more challenging than ever before. In the world of TikTok videos and Insta reels, who has the attention and time to read a 1000-word blog?

To make your blog stand out amidst the content overload of the digital verse, you need the right tricks up your sleeve. We share five easy but efficient tips to drive traffic to your blog posts big-time.

Tip #1: Be Strategic With Your Content

The simplest way to get more eyeballs on your blog is – to publish better content. That’s easier said than done. Better content isn’t just about quality or quantity. It’s about having a strategic content marketing plan in place. Here are a few easy tips to help you improve the quality of content on your blog:

  • While deciding what to write, always have your audience in mind. Step into the shoes of your target audience and think about what they like. To start off, you can choose content from any of these two categories: cool and funny or informative and educational.
  • Check out Quora to find what people are asking about your industry. You can also try Buzzsumo to get inspiration from what others have posted in your field.
  • Think outside the box when publishing content. Include infographics, short videos and killer stats along with your regular posts. You need to create content that your audience would love to link and share.

Tip #2: Evergreen Content Is King

You would have heard the phrase, “content is king.” But we digress. Not every content stands out, but evergreen content is what gets the clicks and keeps visitors coming to your blog, even after months you have published a post. For example, let’s say we create a post on the top SEO trends for 2022. This post is more likely to stop attracting traffic after a few months. Instead, if we were to create a post on “the best SEO trends of all-time for local businesses,” it would continue to remain relevant over the years, drawing in traffic for a long, long time.

Tip #3: Hook In Your Audience With A Kickass Headline

Click-baits get the clicks because they kindle the curiosity of the reader. We don’t suggest that you go all clickbaity and pull in your readers with a misleading title. Instead, you should work on creating irresistible titles that capture visitors’ interest. A killer headline and a catchy introduction are a deadly combo. They will keep visitors coming in. Use headline generator tools to try out different titles and share your post multiple times with other headlines to see which works best.

Tip #4: Keywords Ain’t Your Foe

If you really want to drive traffic to your blog, you need to focus on keywords and SEO. There’s a wrong assumption that search engine optimization is dead in today’s era of sophisticated context-driven search engines. But SEO is still relevant and powerful, especially when done right. With that said, use keywords in moderation, and avoid overstuffing keywords to saturate your content with search queries. Instead, be smart about your keyword usage.

Use keywords and structure your content to target Google snippets, the coveted zero position on the SERP.

Tip #5: Optimize For Speed & Mobile

Okay, if you were to alter just one thing about your blog – then it should be the page loading speeds. No one wants to spend even an extra microsecond waiting for your content to load. Use Google’s Page Speed Insights Tool to track your speed score. If it’s low, you need to improve your page load times ASAP.

Like site loading speed, another crucial factor is content optimized for mobile. Nearly 99% of your readers peruse your content from a mobile device. So, you need to check if your blog is mobile-friendly and mobile-optimized. If your blog isn’t mobile-friendly, you can hire a trusted web design company in India to rehaul and upgrade it.

Follow these five tips, and you’ll see your blog traffic zooming up in no time!

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