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Because Your Baby’s Food Shouldn’t Be Older Than Your Baby: Organic Baby Food Brand’s Digital Marketing Success Story

The Client: A US-Based Supplier Of Fresh Organic Homemade Baby Food

It takes a village to raise a child. Children need a loving and caring family and a responsible community that provides healthy and toxic-free food. We need to protect our children from chemicals, pesticides, and other harmful residuals that lurk in vegetables and fruits so that they have a healthy start to life.

Our client, a US-based young mother, started an online homemade food delivery service with this intention. Her motto was to provide babies with a healthy alternative to baby food pouches and introduce them to various organic and fresh ingredients.

But she was pitted against corporate giants whose market share in the baby food industry was worth billions of dollars. In fact, the US baby food market was valued at USD 12.9 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach USD 17.2 billion by 2026.

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The Problem
The baby food industry in the United States is unimaginably huge. Almost all keywords related to the category have been taken up by baby food brands. It’s no mean feat for a small business to disrupt such a vast market. It’s also not easy to convince parents to move from the concept of feeding through pouches towards spoon-feeding. Pouches are easy to carry and easy to feed as well.
What We Did
We were assigned on-site fixing and off-page promotions for this client. Our strategy included using a combination of services to create organic backlinks and increase brand awareness. Some of the tasks we undertook included:
How It Started
We were initially tasked with bringing the website on the top search page for 5 keywords, viz. organic baby food delivery, baby food organic, best baby food delivery, baby food organic, and organic baby food. When the campaign initially started, the first few search pages were dominated by big brands with multimillion-dollar budgets. Our client didn’t rank anywhere even in the first 100.
On-Site SEO
We started with a website audit to identify website issues and determine if the website is fully optimized for SEO, look for broken links, page speed, user-friendliness, etc. Based on the audit report, we started with the following on-site tasks::
  1. Keyword Research

    We focused our keyword research efforts after considering the client’s business category and targeted audience. While the category was baby food, the target audience was young moms who were overwhelmed about the baby food choices but were determined to give their children the best. They were typically moms searching for organic food made using a variety of local and fresh ingredients. The food had to be hygienic and homemade. And most importantly, it had to be delivered straight to their homes.

  2. Meta Data

    Except for the main pages, none of the product pages had metadata. We use the results of our keyword research to write unique and relevant titles, descriptions, and H1 tags for each of these links

  3. XML Sitemap Creation & Submission

    Google uses the sitemap file to navigate through a website; hence, it must have information about every page, including details about when it was created and the date it was last modified.

  4. Robots. TXT Implementation

    Robots.txt file tells search engines which pages to access and index and which pages not to. This ensures that the site is not overloaded with requests.

  5. 404, 301 Error Correction

    There were a few 404 and 301 errors on the website, which we promptly corrected. Not doing so can create a negative user experience and hamper brand image.

  6. Image Optimization

    Image optimization helps improve user experience and even page speed. We optimized key images and product images to help to rank for product pages

Off-Page SEO
  1. Directory Submission

    We create unique content for over xx industry-specific directories and manually submit them to drive direct traffic. Directory Submission helps increase page rank and builds authority backlinks.

  2. Social Bookmarking

    We took around 20 odd best-selling product links to create unique content describing the benefits of ingredients used in each product. We manually submitted them on social bookmarking sites like Twitter, StumbleUpon, and Digg. Social bookmarking is a great way to increase credibility and generate backlinks

  3. Press Release

    There’s nothing better than a press release to spread the word about your business and highlight the brand’s positive attributes. The brand automatically gains credibility when information about your client’s products and services is cited in news and media publications. We distributed press releases about the brand on major media outlets like xx, xx, xx.

  4. Forum Link Building

    Platforms like Quora and Reddit can be a great way to generate backlinks and website linking profile growth. But one must be sincere in answering the questions genuinely and keep promotion backstage. We found relevant topics and questions related to fresh and organic baby food and answered them honestly.

  5. Guest Blogging:

    Guest blogging is a vital resource to build brand credibility and authority. We worked with in-house writers and bloggers specializing in childhood nutrition to brainstorm topics that could interest new moms. Some of the platforms where we submitted these blogs include xx, xx, xx.

  6. Image Sharing:

    Infographics, PowerPoint Presentations, Images, etc., are all visual tools that captivate audiences quickly and are far more effective than wordy content. If your image is compelling and shared on the right social media platforms, there’s a chance that it will show up in the Google image search results.


This is an ongoing project. We’re happy that the client has enough trust to continue working since 2017. Ever since we started this project, almost all of the initial keywords have been ranked No. 1.

We saw a 52.9K increase in organic traffic, with almost 90% traffic from the United States alone. And it’s not just a one-time success. This website has gradually seen an increase in ecommerce transaction by almost 80.59% with revenue increasing by 106.32%. Today, the brand is the ranked top 8 among organic baby food brands.

Case study1
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