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Social Media Marketing

Client : Kottakkal Health Massage, Kuwait

Enhancing Social Media Marketing For An Ayurvedic Massage Therapy Service.


Kottakkal Health Massage is a prominent Ayurvedic massage therapy centre that was established in 2002 in Kuwait. With a team of well-trained Ayurvedic practitioners and courteous masseurs, they offer a comprehensive range of Ayurvedic massage services. These services encompass a variety of traditional treatments, including Abhyanga, Pizhichil, Kativasti, Udwarthana, and Njavara Kizhi.

Continuing the rich legacy of the Traditional Indian Medicine System, the company has successfully built a substantial customer base and an excellent reputation for their exceptional services. Most of their therapies focus on alleviating stress, anxiety, chronic ailments, and bodily discomfort, ensuring a truly rejuvenating and healing experience for their clients.

Enhancing Social Media Marketing For An Ayurvedic Massage Therapy Service<span>.</span>
The Challenge
Our client, Kottakkal Health Massage, has established a strong reputation through traditional advertising methods. However, the absence of a digital presence has had a detrimental effect on their sales, leading to a decline in customer inquiries, sales figures, and overall revenue. With inactive social media pages on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, coupled with infrequent posts, there were minimal engagement and organic traffic. This is when they finally turned to us for assistance. We promptly identified multiple shortcomings in their social media approach and devised a comprehensive plan to enhance their social and online presence. sales declined
What We Did
Our digital marketers prepared a meticulous strategy to improve client’s social presence by leveraging innovative content, captivating graphic designs, strategic PPC campaigns, and effective SEO practices. After a thorough analysis on competitors and target audience, we crafted our creative posts that focused on customers’ pain points. With consistent posts on services and therapies, the reach and engagement increased gradually. In addition to our Social Media Marketing efforts, we assumed responsibility for Kottakkal Health Massage's Search Engine Optimization. We observed gradual improvements in various keywords related to their business, with many of them ascending to the coveted top three positions on the Search Engine Results Page. Instagram growth graph

The Results

Through our unwavering efforts, social media engagement experienced a rapid and remarkable improvement, culminating in the generation of approximately 5 to 10 organic leads each week. Moreover, the client's profile visits witnessed a substantial surge, primarily attributable to the captivating and compelling posts we produced.
Instagram growth graph
Thanks to our impactful marketing efforts, there was a substantial increase in reach, impressions, and engagement, leading to a remarkable growth in the follower count, which expanded by nearly 500%. To illustrate this growth, the accompanying pie chart offers a clear visual representation of the enhanced social presence achieved through our strategies.
Light Us Page Screenshot
In the realm of Search Engine Optimization, our team executed an exceptional strategy that led to the prominent ranking of numerous crucial keywords associated with the business. Noteworthy keywords such as 'Kerala Ayurvedic massage in Kuwait,' 'Ayurveda herbal massage,' 'Ayurvedic massage near me,' 'hot medical bolus,' and many others consistently secured positions within the top three search results. Consequently, our SEO efforts have yielded consistent month-on-month growth in website traffic, with a remarkable upsurge of nearly 700% in monthly website visits.

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