Google Lens Is Now in Image Search Results

The Internet has always been a vast field that is beyond our imagination.  Things keep on changing and evolving, and we can never even keep a clue about what all have happened in just a short span of time! Google search engine is one such example. Google has now come up with a significantly improved update to its image search, Google Lens.  There are many other changes as well making our image search process a lot easier, thus resulting in more satisfied image results.

It all started from the rollout of badges last year to the ‘related searches’ box at the year-end (2017) and the removal of the “view image” and “search by image” buttons last month. Google has been quickly expanding visual search features.

One such ‘top-of-the-notch’ feature is the addition of Lens. It’s an AI-controlled exploration of images that appear in search queries. You can click on some object on the image to get more detailed information about the object, like from where you can buy them, what exactly it looks like, etc. Or you can draw on an image to select more wonderful content. Like for example, you type “Living Rooms,” and you select an image. You will see a Google Lens icon below the image, and when you click it, some dots appear on the image. Either you can select the dot or draw on an object you want to know more about. If you click on the dot on a sofa, it shows you images and sites of the sofa, where to purchase it, etc. A smart feature, right?

Google Lens gives the website owners an additional way to achieve web traffic. An idea of its working can be constituted in the following way: It quickly organizes images into loads of categories, identifies individual objects and faces in images, and even reads printed words enclosed within images. This surely is an improvised feature that will come in handy for you!

Google Lens is an added advantage for e-commerce. It’s helpful for attracting more shoppers to their websites. The feature makes it important to take time and create original images of products for sale so there’s an increased probability of good ranking with Google Lens. False decorative images are a total waste and this may result in lower rankings.

Google Lens has now made its way to Android and iOS phones that have Google Photos installed. Almost everyone can enjoy this super-growing improvised feature to get satisfying results! These are just a small part of the image search changes that the search engine giant has come up with. It will not be a surprise if there are more new features coming soon!!

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