Google’s New AI Feature ‘Help Me Write’ Generates Emails In Seconds

Drowning in a sea of unattended emails? Google comes to your rescue with ‘Help Me Write’, a new AI tool in Gmail, designed to craft your email replies in a blink. Let’s take a deep dive into how this AI tool works and how you can use this innovative feature in your workplace to boost productivity.

What Is ‘Help Me Write’?

Help Me Write is a path-breaking AI tool that effortlessly generates email responses in mere seconds by drawing information from previous email exchanges or based on user prompts. This AI feature is an advanced extension of Google’s earlier Smart Reply and ‘Smart Compose’, which were introduced in 2017 and 2018, respectively. The tool can craft various types of messages, such as a thank you note, birthday invite, or a response to a job opportunity. Enter a prompt and generate an immediate email response. It can save your time and increase productivity in the workplace.

How To Use ‘Help Me Write’

‘Help Me Write’ feature is currently available to users of Google Workspace Labs, which is a trusted tester program to try new AI features. While composing an email, you can find ‘Help Me Write’ button in the bottom right of the email window. Tap the button and enter any prompt to draft an email.

For example:

  • A thank you note for the job interview
  • Asking a friend for city sightseeing recommendations
  • Drafting an apology letter for any unintended inconvenience

The tool offers customization options to suit your desired tone and format. Want a succinct, sharp version of your email? Choose ‘Refine’ from the options menu. Other options include ‘Formalize,’ ‘Elaborate,’ ‘Shorten,’ and ‘I’m feeling lucky.’ The AI tool also permits editing of the generated text, creating a new variant, or offering feedback about the output.

While still in the early development stages, ‘Help Me Write’ promises to revolutionize the work environment by handling routine emails, leaving users free for more complex tasks.

This AI tool in Gmail is still in the early stages of development, and undoubtedly, it can bring positive changes in the work environment, allowing you to work on more complex tasks efficiently.

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