New Extensions for YouTube Ads

Are you aware that almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day? Also YouTube gets 30 million visitors per day. This makes it the advertising hotspot for millennial brands and marketers.

If you are one of the 30 million visitors, you’ll be aware of YouTube ads and their extensions. YouTube ad extensions are snippets of relevant information about businesses that can be added to AdWord text ads. These include business location, phone number, business rating etc. Including ad extensions gives an edge to your ad campaign and helps in achieving your business goals.

What’s new?

Recently Google announced the launch of new extensions for YouTube ads which will make it easy for customers to take action. These extensions will give viewers useful information and direct them to store location and provide additional calls-to-action.  Also it should be noted that these information will appear directly below the ad where it will be convenient for users to take action.

These calls-to-action extensions are now available for TrueView in-stream and non-skippable video ads. It is said that these extensions will be soon available for 6-second bumper ads by later this year. Isn’t that exciting? This launch is expected to make it easier for viewers to take an action after seeing the ad by visiting the advertiser’s website.

One thing that Google continues to do is keep updating the platform for the betterment of both users and creators. Having said that, you can also expect new extensions to be rolled out which will increase the click rate and conversion rate. They will have provisions to add product detail pages or promotional pages under the video. These sitelink extensions are currently in beta testing and will be available in the coming months.

In their beta test with 30 advertisers in United States, it was found that adding sitelinks resulted in 50% more clicks and 23% more conversions. These statistics have built the excitement to see the real time results once the feature gets rolled out through Google ads.

Benefits of Using Extensions for YouTube Ads

If you are still wondering why you should use ad extensions, keep on reading.

  • As ad extensions provide more information, it makes your ads more prominent and visible. This results in more people clicking on it and in turn provides a higher click through rate (CTR) and higher ROI.
  • It makes your ad more authentic. Since your business information such as address, phone number or website details are mentioned on the ad, users find it more authentic. It gets rid of any unnecessary doubts which the users may have regarding your business.
  • Ad extensions can impact your ad rank. It affects your quality score as both CTR and ad relevance can improve the ad rank.

These are the reasons why you should start concentrating more on ad extensions for YouTube. You should test which extensions work best for your business and include them in your ads. With the launch of new extensions, you might feel confused. But don’t worry! Contact our experienced professionals and get assistance on extensions for YouTube ads.

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