Pocket-Size Powerhouse: The Versatile Rabbit R1 AI Device That Can Do Everything For You

Rabbit, the AI startup, wowed everyone at CES 2024 with its r1 AI device. Believe it or not, it became the talk of the town and sold out two batches of 10,000 units in just 48 hours! Not to mention, it clinched the prestigious Tom’s Guide CES 2024 Best in Show award, hailed as a ‘revolution in actionable AI. It’s quickly earning a spot as this year’s must-have gadget. But the big question remains – does it live up to all the buzz?

Let’s dig in and find out (Explore more of our recent blogs here at Wibits, a leading digital marketing agency in India)

What is the Rabbit r1?

Think of the Rabbit r1 as your personal assistant but in a cute little orange box. It’s like Siri or Google Assistant but with an extra dash of charm. Unlike your phone’s voice assistants, this little guy can tackle complex tasks. It breaks down tricky requests into different steps and handles them for you; no need for juggling multiple apps. The r1 gets things done using both audio and visual inputs with its AI magic. For instance, during the CES 2024 keynote, they showed how you could flash a spreadsheet at it and ask to add a new column with specific data. Guess what? It happily did the job and even emailed you the updated sheet. How cool is that?

How Rabbit Stands Out from Your Smartphone?

Think about ordering food on your Zomato – it’s a whole process. You dig through your apps, find Zomato, type in the location, choose your food, fill in payment info, and hit confirm.

Now, imagine if Rabbit could handle all that with just a voice prompt. It’s not here to replace your smartphone but to show off its skills – doing some things even better and way faster. Plus, it’s got a trick up its sleeve – you can train it to do things beyond its usual programming using a slick web interface.

And guess what? Since its debut, other AI hotshots, like Perplexity, are eyeing Rabbit for some cool collaborations.

Can This Device Guarantee My Privacy?

Concerned about your privacy? No sweat! Rabbit’s got your back. They’ve made sure you have the power to delete your stored data whenever you want. Plus, you’ll always be in the loop, with full control over which actions are being handed over to the system. Your secrets are safe with Rabbit.

When Can You Get Your Hands on the Rabbit r1?

Exciting news! You can snag the Rabbit r1 by pre-ordering in the U.S. right now. Global sales are gearing up in the next few months, and the first batch is set to ship just in time for Easter. And get this – the pocket-sized powerhouse comes with a sweet price tag of $199, and there’s no sneaky ongoing subscription fee.

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