4 Best E-Commerce Link Building Strategies

Want your e-commerce website to rank higher in Google search results? If so, you must use effective link building strategies that not just helps drive traffic to your site but also works with engaging your possible customers. Link building is a part of the growth strategy which generates traffic to your website through backlinks. But unfortunately, link building for e-commerce websites is hard.

Here are some link building strategies that actually work, bring traffic to your website and helps with the growth of your business.

Create Viral Video Content

Videos are more appealing to audiences than images. Videos help create unique and share-worthy content to your target audience. Be creative with your videos, so that it gets the maximum reach. The content should be original, related to your business industry, and evoke an emotional reaction such as laughter or fascination.

Viewers are more likely to share such innovative and exciting videos to their social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. This will drive traffic to your website and also earn clicks for the product links shown in the video. If the video content gets viral, you might even get featured on famous online portals. For example, if you own a clothing store, you can create a useful video on ‘Styling a Shirt in 5 different ways’.

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  • Collaborate with Influential Bloggers

We live in a millennial era where social media influence most of the audiences’ purchasing decisions. Do your research on influential bloggers in your niche and collaborate with them. When bloggers review or mention your products on their blog or social media platforms, it increases traffic and brand authority to your website. Choose bloggers with high Domain Authority (DA) scores so that you can benefit from more inbound links.

You can also host attractive social media campaigns with them, which will earn you trust and publicity. You can host a weekend getaway for selected bloggers so that they could post their vlog on YouTube, which would drive traffic to your website.

  • Internal Linking

Internal links are links to other web pages on a domain. A blog section on your website can drive traffic to product links through the internal linking structure. Make sure that the blogs are well written, engaging, informative, and worth sharing. For instance, if you own a website for décor pieces, you can write a blog post on interior décor tips, tricks to maintain your décor pieces and latest interior décor trends.

  • Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the oldest strategies to build links. Find relevant sites in your niche with a good reach of audiences and write guest blogs for them. Most websites that accept guest blogs allow you to include one or two relevant links to your site. This way, you are reaching out to a new set of audiences which in turn brings traffic to your website.

But make sure to choose the websites carefully as you don’t want to attract foreign audiences who aren’t interested in your industry. A guest blog post on a site that no one visits is a mere waste of time.

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