5 Successful Video Marketing Tips that will Drive Traffic

If you want to drive more traffic to your website, video marketing is the right choice. After all, we spend so much time watching YouTube, isn’t? The recent introduction of IGTV videos by the social media giant, Instagram is the best example of the importance of video content and marketing.
Did you know that more than 50% of consumers want to see video from brands more than any type of content? Videos have higher conversion rates and drive more traffic to your website as website visitors spend a staggering amount of time on your website if it has a video.
Are you convinced that you need to start making videos? If so, then check out these 5 tips which will make your video marketing a success.

Titles and Thumbnails

Do not forget that, ‘First impression is the best impression’. Killer titles and attractive thumbnails help in forming a good first impression. Writing a title that is catchy and compelling to watch is the first step to video marketing success. Thumbnails are a great way to grab the attention of viewers and get them excited for the video. So make sure it is unique and gives an idea to the viewers what the video is about.

Focus on the First Few Seconds

That’s right! The attention span of internet users is short and the first few seconds of your video plays a crucial role. Make sure your video grabs the viewers’ attention and gives them a reason to watch it within the first 10 seconds. A successful video brings the story to life quickly and instantly gathers interest as people scroll through their feeds.

Tell a Story

If your video is solely based on your brand and is targeted on driving sales, it is more likely to repel your customers. So make your video content to be centered on a story not the sale, and keep it interesting. It should tell a story that connects with the viewers and make them understand what you are offering for them.

Include Call To Action

A major element to a successful video is adding Call To Action (CTA) such as like & comment on the video, share it with your friends, check out the sale or offer etc. It’s best to end your video with a CTA while many marketers have found success by including CTA in the middle of the video when the viewer is engaged with the content.

Custom Explainer Video

Creating a custom explainer video is a perfect tool in video marketing which explains the key benefits and features of your product. It increases the conversion rates, creates brand awareness, a better ROI and better organic search results on Google. It makes you to stand out among your competition and creates a long lasting impression.
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