7 SEO Best Practices You Need to Know in 2019

The inconvenient truth about SEO techniques is that they can change on a dime and not every time you need to be aware of it. Google too played their part well last year by killing some old SEO techniques and methodologies, making it tough for people to determine which methods to implement and what to discard. Here, we’re sharing with you the seven best SEO practices for 2019 that we think will play a significant role in helping you dominate the SERPs and increase your profits.

Mobile-First Indexing

Mobile-First indexing is one recent SEO trend that is in effect from March 2018. Google announced then, that the web crawlers would be looking at the mobile version of your web pages for indexing and ranking. So, if you don’t have a mobile version, the chances are that your pages won’t display properly for mobile users, thus negatively affecting your page rankings. What’s recommended is to have a responsive site design! There are also some best practices you can find from the Google Developers Guide, which will help if you have both desktop and mobile versions.

Using Structured Data Markup

Featured snippets providing quick answers are what search users love the most. These snippets are taking up the top positions of the SERPs for quite a lot of keywords. A recent report states that 90% of featured snippets gets pulled from content that rank in the first five positions of Google. So, what is required is finding the right keywords, creating audience-friendly content and using appropriate schema on pages for products, contact details, offers, ratings, and other important information.

Optimizing for Voice Search

The shift towards voice search is already started and is expected to gain more prominence in the coming years. Nearly half of all Google users are using a voice-assisted device like Alexa, Siri or Google Home for search. As you know, voice-based searches are more likely to be a long tail. So the most recommended option is to optimize your website by creating content around long-tail keywords, and using structured data to increase the chances for your featured snippets to get picked by these voice-assisted devices. Check Google’s guide on Schema Markup implementation here.

Having the Best UI/UX Design

Developing the best User Interface/ User Experience design is still essential. An excellent UX design is all about user satisfaction, conversion optimization and increased sales. While UI enlightens the look and performance of your website, UX is about understanding the users and making them spend more time on that particular page. Today’s digital world is fast-growing, and so webpages that respond quickly and efficiently are becoming more successful. So, only by having a professionally designed UI/UX, you’ll be able to increase user engagement and ROI.

Creating the Highest Quality Content

Google continues to reward sites that provide exceptional content. They are committed to serving users with the highest quality content. Google rolled out a major core algorithmic update in August 2018 which was all about quality. What this implies is, by creating the best of the best content, you’re increasing your chances to get ranked in the top positions of the SERPs. Not just that, the more content you post, the more traffic you get. Always come up with new ideas for content and explore new topics which will be of more significant interest to your audience. You can also update your existing articles to keep them fresh.

Social Shares and Link Building

Social media has a significant impact on search engine rankings; Google trusts websites that have a massive number of social media shares. Link building too has its importance when it comes to SEO. Building natural links from high-authority sites bring more value and increase your rankings in search engines.

Improved User Experience

Search engines are all about user experience nowadays. Google wants to deliver the best possible results to their users and so will only push sites with strong engagement to take up the top positions of the search results. You can become one such website by improving the experience your visitors are having with your site. Follow the below tips for achieving a more effective user experience in 2019;

  • Creating simple, yet high-quality content based on topics of your users’ interest
  • Organizing your website’s pages in a structured hierarchy
  • Removing unnecessary pages from your website
  • Video leveraging and voice optimization for providing quick information to users


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