Comprehensive Guide To Interaction to Next Paint (INP)

Are you searching in Google for “the best website development company near me” to build a website for your business? Before you do so, check if the company takes Interaction to Next Paint (INP) into consideration, as it plays a vital role in user experience. Interaction to Next Paint (INP) is an indispensable metric in web performance that focuses on responsiveness and is set to replace First Input Delay on March 12, 2024. Here’s a breakdown of what INP entails and how it affects user experience and website performance.

What Is Interaction To Next Paint (INP)?

INP measures the delay between a user’s action (like clicking a button or typing) and the website’s visual response. It analyzes how quickly a site provides visual feedback after a user interaction. In simple terms, the lower the INP score, the faster the response time of the website. A good INP score is usually considered to be under 200 milliseconds. You will have to focus on improving the performance of JavaScript and CSS to optimize INP.

Optimizing for INP requires proper tools to diagnose and address issues efficiently. Here are six essential tools for INP measurement and optimization:

  • Site Kit By Google: With over 4 million WordPress installations, Site Kit by Google integrates perfectly into WordPress dashboards and offers insights from PageSpeed Insights and Search Console, along with improvement suggestions.
  • Debugbear Interaction To Next Paint Tool: DebugBear provides a free tool for diagnosing INP issues that gives tips to enhance website responsiveness. Its pro version comes with additional benefits like scheduled tests and performance previews.
  • Web Vitals Chrome Extension: This Chrome extension provides core web vitals metrics, including INP, with a unique heads-up display (HUD) feature that facilitates real-time analysis during webpage development.
  • TREO Site Speed: TREO Site Speed offers fast and intuitive Page Speed tools that allow users to adjust settings to view metrics specific to different countries.
  • Chrome Web Vitals Library: This advanced tool measures core web vitals metrics from site visitors and enables publishers to troubleshoot webpage issues effectively.
  • Looker Studio:  Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio) provides data visualization tools to connect to data sources and generate comprehensive reports and dashboards. With the help of the Chrome UX Report connector, you can visualize real-world Core Web Vitals trends that aid in INP optimization.

Although INP may not directly impact rankings, it surely influences user experience, which correlates with sales, clicks, and ad views. By optimizing for INP using the right tools and platforms, you can create a faster and more responsive website that aligns with Google’s metrics and boosts overall user satisfaction.

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