How Will Google’s Helpful Content Update Impact Your Website?

Google’s helpful content update is an update that effectively alters how search engines see your website. It can be entirely ‘unhelpful’ to the sites where the content is written for ranking purposes in search engines and assessed as not helpful or informative to people. Read through the below sections to know more about how this update impacts your business and how you can stay unaffected.

How Will The Update Affect You?

  • Google’s helpful content update primarily targets the SEO ranking system.
  • It will handle any content mainly created for improving the search ranking.
  • It will ensure that any imitative and poor-quality content is not occupying higher ranks in the search.
  • So if you write content to drive search engine boosting and increase your website traffic, you may be highly affected by this update.

What If You Have Not Updated?

  • If you’ve not optimized your website yet for the update, Google will not categorize your site as “helpful” to your target audience.
  • It would lead to fewer site visitors and make you lose many potential customers.
  • However, by providing highly relevant and good-quality content, you can still improve your SEO and achieve more success online.

How Can You Avoid The Above Impacts?

  • Aim Different- So far, you may have produced content with the only focus on getting higher ranking using applied SEO strategies on full fledge. It is time to tone down your desire to rank high and concentrate on providing relevant content for the audience.
  • Be Helpful- Your content should be beneficial to Google users. It must not be misleading with false information. Write content that will be pretty helpful to the audience and not just to promote your business.
  • Content Audit- It can help to keep up your brand consistency and improve your SEO simultaneously. Ensure that all your content is on point; it can make your brand seen as helpful by Google. So, review your content to check if there is any room for improvement.

Is There Any Limitation?

  • It affects your site visibility through Google search only and is not applied to other Google surfaces, like Google Discover. But it could get expanded to other services soon.
  • As this update uses a site-wide algorithm, your entire website will be impacted- not just a part.
  • Lastly, it is not just applied to English. Content in all global languages is included.

This ‘helpful’ content update can be a solid hit to the sites that are mainly focusing on SEO ranking and give little importance to the user benefits. Anyhow, ensure that you make the required changes in your content creation to stay unaffected.

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