Schema Markup: How to make it Work for You?

Believe it or not, no tool other than Schema Markup is a surefire way to improve your search engine rankings. Though not a ranking factor, it plays a big part in positioning your website for better rankings. By using schema to markup your data, you’re offering your site better visibility in search engine results, and also an increased click-through rate. Read this article to understand schema better.

Search engines have made it clear that rich snippets still are going to be a vital part of the future of search. An interesting fact about these snippets is that they work by giving a preview of your content before any user clicks on them. 12. 29% of search queries have featured snippets, says an Ahrefs report.

Though there are many schema markup opportunities now, only some level of them is used by a majority of the websites. In this article, I’ve discussed the other prominent opportunities that can provide great SEO benefits.

Organization Schema

Organization schema allows you to add basic information such as logo, location, founder info, etc., about your organization (which can be a company, institution, club, etc.), which is used by Google as a reference for brand information and takes its place in knowledge graph panels. This markup element is beneficial in many cases; one for example, when your brand name is searched with different variations. Organization schema markup allows you to utilize alternate names so that different brand name variations can be highlighted.

Recently, Google’s John Mueller was asked a question on whether it’s best to add organization markup to the homepage, contact page or all pages. He responded by saying, “it doesn’t matter where the markup is used as long as it’s not on every page. Depending on the type of website, sometimes organization markup fits best on the home page, other times it may fit in on the contact page”.

Schema Markup for Voice

Online search is evolving very quickly with voice search becoming the new hottest trend. Users are turning to Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant, etc., with their questions instead of typing it in the browser. Voice searches are expected to grow to 50% by 2020, and this means your website should adapt to the growing needs of the consumers to tackle competition. When thinking about optimizing your site for voice search, think about how people would use Siri or Google Home for their real questions. By adding more questions and answer copies to your pages, you optimize your website’s content. Schema markup is one another factor that further optimizes the content for search engines.

Wondering how it helps voice search? Schema works by organizing your content and classifying it for search engines. When a user searches for a particular local business, he most probably will look for information such as hours of operation, route directions, etc. You can use schema to ensure that search engine classifies this information.

Video Schema Markup

Video schema markup is the best way to help Google crawl and index videos on your website. Implementing structured data in your marketing videos helps them to be more visible and appear in the Google video search. By doing so, you’re explaining your content to the search engines in a more precise way. Without this, search engines will only be able to know a little info like your video’s title tag, description and thumbnail. Video schema gives search engines more thorough information such as the video duration (so that users can decide to go with a shorter or longer video), a lengthy transcript, upload date, etc. Adding all these tags through video schema markup makes it easier for your website to stand out in the array of search results. Contact us here if you want video schema markup implemented for your website.

Schema Markup for Mobile Apps

The usage of smartphones is on the rise, and so is the development of mobile applications by companies. Though websites have a dedicated webpage for mobile apps, they take little or no effort to leverage schema markup on their sites. Mobile apps that implement schema markup are rewarded with what are called ‘rich results’, and these rich results play a huge role in user engagement and traffic.

Final Thoughts

Remember, Google’s search documentation now and in future will be on structured data. has developed the markup “speakable” in collaboration with Google. This is a text-to-speech conversion allowing Google’s Assistant to read aloud the marked content of a website. Speakable which works now for users in the U.S. is about to be launched for other countries soon. What do all these mean? If you add schema markup to your website’s content, Google will automatically make it ‘searchable’ by assistants, which results in your customers viewing your content through browser and voice as well.


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