SEO Strategies You Need to Know for 2020

SEO strategies are, to put it simply, techniques that aim to increase visits to a page or site. So what is special about 2020 that an SEO strategist needs to know? The simple answer is technology. With Internet of Things (IoT) becoming the hotbed for business development and marketing, technologies related to the Internet have grown in leaps and bounds. Throw in the magic word, convergence, and you have a challenging, but interesting set of use-cases where technologies ‘talk’ to each other to produce a captivating experience for the user.

The word ‘experience’ has never been more relied-upon in Internet content and delivery than in recent times and obviously, SEO has to follow the trend that seeks to maximise user experience. So what are the successful strategies for 2020?

Snippets, the art of keeping it short and sweet

You must have observed those small bits of information that crop up before the search results are laid out neatly on the search page. They are peeks into what a page holds. Optimise your page for snippets and your content is already attracting users with relevant, flashy info that entice them to dwell more. One important strategy in 2020 would be to give snippets a due of their own.

Read on to know how to make schema snippets work for you!

Enrol an influencer

In spite of the best SEO strategy, users might not feel enthused to visit your site, unless you cross reference it from another page of repute. Together with enthralling content and an influencer of repute, your content stands to gain all the eyeballs that it deserves. So SEO strategists, gear up to add more influencer content for your own gains!

Attention to security

Security breaches, hacks and intrusion into electronic assets are at an unprecedented level now and one therefore needs to take lot of care to ensure user security. Therefore as an SEO strategist, one also needs to factor in security when designing pages.

Dealing with the mobile generation

Web pages have to be mobile-optimised as more and more customers are using their mobiles as the primary source for web browsing. Optimising content for mobile display is a must if you plan to attract, and retain, users. Content that is designed and optimised for the mobile generation should be engaging, concise and to the point.

Leave no voices unheard!

Explosive development is imminent in voice technologies used to navigate the web. Therefore SEO strategists need to optimise content to cater to voice commands from web users. This would require selective and focussed use of words which can be put to use by voice search engines. The gist is that one needs to incorporate conversational searches as part of SEO strategy for 2020.

Focus on videos

Content bereft of videos are often discarded by users. Videos offer quick, hands-on description for users. With data speeds increasing and costs plummeting, users are no more reluctant to click a video link for a more immersive experience. SEO strategists need to enrich content with more specific and focussed video keywords that would keep the video buffs happy.

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Remember, content is king

In spite of all the bells and whistles that a site can show off, when it comes to attracting users repeatedly, content is king. Update content, keep it relevant and spice it up with life. If you can manage that, users will flow to your site. Be careful in selecting focussed topics and manage it with effective language. Use interactive technologies to keep users engrossed and you could be on your way to SEO success.

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