What Are The Advantages You Can Expect With Video Marketing?

While video marketing isn’t a groundbreaking concept, it’s become a game-changer in today’s marketing strategies. We’ve all received a funny video or shared an emotionally charged message, right? Thanks to platforms like YouTube, we now have a space to search, share, and connect through videos. It’s a game-changer!

If you’re not on the video marketing train yet, now’s the time to hop on with a reliable internet marketing company in India for effective video marketing! Need more reasons? Keep reading if you want to learn more.

Boost Conversion Rates:

Think of video as a smart investment—HubSpot reveals that adding video to a landing page can spike conversions by 80%! A persuasive presenter in a video can influence buying decisions and turn visitors into leads or customers, conveying emotions that written text alone can’t match. Videos can double as tutorials or testimonials, depending on your approach.

High Engagement:

For engaging your audience, nothing beats video. Users spend 88% more time on websites with video content. Showcase videos on your website and social platforms to grab and hold attention, significantly boosting user engagement.

Improved SEO:

Search engines love video content. A well-executed video strategy can greatly impact your search engine ranking—sites with video content are 53 times more likely to land on Google’s first page. This visibility translates to increased traffic, letting potential investors discover your company and offerings. (Are you looking for SEO services in Nagercoil? We are an ideal ally for small and medium-sized businesses looking to transition into the online space.)

Video in Email Marketing:

Break through the email clutter by using “video” in your subject line—this alone can increase open rates and decrease unsubscribe rates. Video in emails leads to a 200-300% boost in click-through rates. Watching a video is often easier than reading text, making it effective for demonstrating product use or conveying impactful messages.

Build Trust and Credibility:

Video creates a personality for your brand, connecting with viewers and earning their trust. 90% of users find product videos helpful in their decision process. The more educational videos you provide, the stronger the foundation of trust you build, and trust leads to sales.

Encourage Social Shares:

In the age of viral videos, 92% of mobile video consumers share videos. Use this opportunity to showcase your company’s personality. Video marketing offers endless possibilities, from how-to videos to Facebook Live. It’s no longer just for big brands—everyone should jump on the video bandwagon.

The Roundup

With a ton of benefits, it’s crystal clear that video is a must-have in any inbound marketing strategy.

From boosting your conversion rate to driving sales and making waves on social media, it’s high time for businesses to seriously think about weaving video into their marketing game.

But, as we’ve discovered, it’s not just a matter of hitting record. The key is to nail the right tone, message, schedule, and design—ensuring you roll out top-notch videos that guide viewers into the sales funnel without being a bother.

Being a top digital marketing company in India, we get this game and want to help you grasp the power of video. We’re always up for a chat about videos, marketing, and how they can lift your business, so why not reach out to us now? Let’s team up to create some amazing and effective videos.


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