Google Releases March 2023 Core Update

Google has announced the roll out of its first core algorithm update of the year 2023. The entire process of the core update will be completed in a couple of weeks. Although the specifics are not yet released, every update is a reminder for SEO professionals and website owners to stay informed and make necessary changes to strengthen online presence. Here are the things that should be focused on to avoid any negative impact on your site’s ranking.

How Will March 2023 Core Update Impact Your Website?

Google’s aim of rolling out periodic updates is to present helpful search results to the searchers. The last update was released in September 2022, which was less drastic than its previous update. The March 2023 core update can affect your site’s ranking if you have been creating content for search engines and not for people. As more and more content are created using AI tools, this update may urge website owners to focus on quality, originality, and relevancy.

What To Do                                                         

  • Google rolls out core updates a few times in a year, which make broad changes to search algorithms to ensure reliable and helpful results for online searchers. Focus on providing valuable and original content to your target audience and prepare your site to stay relevant for future algorithm updates.
  • Monitor your site’s organic traffic and keyword ranking to measure the impact of the update and take essential steps to improve them.
  • Reassess and update your old content with fresh ideas to stay relevant and offer comprehensive information to the audience.
  • Technical aspects such as the site’s loading speed, mobile friendliness, and indexing play a crucial role in ranking your website.

How To Deal With The Impact

Core algorithm updates can make you feel stressed. But panicking about the results won’t get you anywhere. Plus, Google does not provide a detailed list of changes in an update. So, it would be pointless to worry about the impact.

The best thing would be to wait for a few days or weeks to see how your website is performing. If you had done the SEO correctly, it might have boosted your ranking. If you have noticed any drop in ranking, make adjustments wherever necessary. Carry out one adjustment at a time to see the impact and proceed with the next one. There is nothing to worry if you have followed Google’s SEO guidelines and focused on creating helpful content for the users.

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