What Is Programmatic Advertising? How Does It Work?

Advertising is crucial for making your business well-recognized to the target audience. Creating new advertisement mediums has become an everyday thing, thanks to digital marketing. Among all advertising means, programmatic advertising has become the most sought method to promote a business worldwide easily. Here we are going to see about programmatic advertising and its benefits briefly.

What Is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising is when we use automated technology to buy advertising space instead of traditional digital advertising methods. It includes the process and transaction to complete the purchase and to place our ads on websites or apps. In short, you can define it as the automated buying and selling of digital advertisements.

How Does It Work?

Automated technology has made significant growth throughout the years. It helps you to take display media to the next level. Multiple platforms are available for programmatic advertising, which allow an advertiser to buy ad inventory across any platform. Ad inventory is where advertisements are displayed on any site or app.

  • Sell-side platform (SSP) – It helps publishers sell their ad impressions to advertisers in real time. Some SSPs are Google Ad Manager, Amazon Publisher Services, OpenX, and Yahoo Ad Tech.
  • Demand-side platform (DSP) – It supports an advertiser to purchase inventory across various platforms simultaneously. A few well-known DSPs are Display & Video 360, TubeMogul, The Trade Desk, Amazon DSP, and AdRoll.

You can take Google Ad Manager as an example to understand better. They help the websites or applications to sell ad space to a company or a brand (SSP) and vice versa (DSP).

  • Ad Exchange – SSPs flow their ad inventory to DSPs through this platform. Many Ad exchange services are available, namely Xandr, Verizon Media, Google Ad Exchange, and Smaato.

Why Should You Choose Programmatic Advertising?

  • Budget– It’s a common misconception that small businesses can’t benefit from this method. It can cost as little or as much as your budget allows.
  • Audience– Programmatic ads are the best way to reach a larger audience due to the cross-platform inventory abundance by buying ad spaces.
  • Real-Time Bidding– This bidding is open to all advertisers, where ad auctions happen in real-time. It is also called as an “open marketplace.”

The benefits of choosing the programmatic method are endless: It is simple and efficient, budget-friendly, and costs very low for a real-time advertising option. There is no doubt that programmatic ads can help your business to get a large-scale reach to your target customers quickly. So, why are you still waiting? Go and choose a well-known digital marketing company in India to get started with programmatic advertising.

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