ChatGPT: The Double-Edged Sword for Students

The “AI vs education” controversy has recently flared up again with the release of ChatGPT, an AI tool created by OpenAI that can compose comprehensive student essays, complex computer programs, and even answer mathematical issues. Because students may rely on ChatGPT, some in the education field worry that they won’t ever need to learn how to write.

So let’s break down the dual nature of this “real world Jarvis”

Pros Of ChatGPT in Education Sector

Excellent Tool To Save Time

ChatGPT can help students cut down on the time they spend on writing assignments by helping them come up with ideas, find relevant materials, and produce well-written drafts.Students who balance many classes and extracurricular activities may find this tool to be extremely helpful.

Improved Writing Capabilities:

ChatGPT can improve writing abilities by recommending grammar fixes, better expression selection, and more logical sentence patterns. Non-native English speakers and students who require extra writing guidance may find this assistance to be extremely beneficial.


Students who are having trouble coming up with ideas for their writing projects can find inspiration from ChatGPT. The software can come up with original and imaginative ideas that can encourage kids to write about new subjects and areas.

Cons Of ChatGPT in Education Sector


Students’ long-term development may be hampered by an over-reliance on the AI writing helper, which can prevent them from becoming autonomous writers. ChatGPT depends on technology to operate, thus there is a chance that it won’t always be accessible or that it’ll have problems. Students who are attempting to learn may find this frustrating and it could impede their development. 


ChatGPT has limited knowledge because it can only know what it has been taught. It might not be able to give a thorough understanding of a subject or have access to the most recent facts. The program’s recommendations might not always be suitable or accurate for every student or task, resulting in writing that is inaccurate or inadequate.

Lack Of Human Interaction

Personalized feedback and in-person conversations with students are not possible with ChatGPT, despite the fact that it can carry on a conversation and deliver information. As a result, the learning experience may be constrained and it may be challenging for pupils to ask questions or comprehend a subject completely.


Although ChatGPT helps students with their writing projects, it also carries a risk of plagiarism. The use of the AI writing assistance improperly by students could lead to unintended plagiarism if they do not thoroughly review their work.

In Summary

The effective tool ChatGPT might be a helpful companion in the classroom. It can aid students in writing better essays by making suggestions for wording and grammar improvements. Yet it’s important to be aware of its limitations and not to rely entirely on the program. In order to achieve a thorough education, using ChatGPT in conjunction with other tools and methods, such a tutor or teacher, is necessary. Students can fully utilize ChatGPT while receiving individualized attention from a human instructor by balancing AI and human support.

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